A Look Back At The Past 699 Blogs

How are we buddies? This is CyberBingo’s 700th blog post!! We are celebrating an important milestone of our blog :)…

CyberBingo’s Blog was launched in mid September 2010. In fact, the first post “Hello from your brand new Cyber Bingo Blogger” was posted on the 16th September 2010. A post where we started introducing CyberBingo’s unique online experience.

Since then, our blog ensured you are up to date with all the ongoing promotions, our winners and even some other blogs which we think are of your interest. That’s probably why we keep you interested in viewing our blog.

Don’t forget that we are heading into the festive season and I can assure you all readers that Cyberbingo will not let you down!! Amazing and incredible promotions are coming up for the whole month of  December to end 2011 and start 2012 in style.

Keep on viewing our blog.. This ain’t nowhere near the last post!! It’s just our 700th post… 🙂

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Gary Beal

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