75 Ball Bingo Basics

If you’re new to online bingo, here’s some help on How to Play the most popular, American bingo game 75 Ball Bingo, at CyberBingo.com

75 Ball Bingo is a pattern based game and it’s called ’75 Ball’ as 75 is the maximum quantity of numbers that can be called in a game.

The bingo card is made up of 5 vertical rows & 5 horizontal rows displaying the letters B I N G O on top. Each column contains 5 random numbers from a limited set, example:

  • Column ‘B’, from 1-15
  • Column ‘I’, from 16-30
  • Column ‘N’, from 31-45
  • Column ‘G’, from 46-60
  • Column ‘O’, from 61-75

The bingo pattern displays the winning combination of boxes and may change from game to game. Don’t worry, CyberBingo games are fully automated, so you’re guaranteed that you can never miss a win even if you just missed a number!

Don’t also forget to speak to our Chat Hosts and other roomies as they would be very happy to help you out in case you meet with any related difficulties. Enjoy & Good luck!

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