5 Things which will make you feel better on a Monday Morning

Good MorningDon’t you have trouble waking up for work on Monday after a massive weekend full of extreme fun…and a few hours of sleep? Well, I do! However, I prepared 5 things for Mondays which actually make me look forward to another challenging week at work:

1.    Take your camera with you, take pictures of your work mates’ ‘Monday Morning’ facial expressions, print them out and put them on the wall – Hah simply hilarious!

2.    Spice up your Monday by creating a competition with your co-worker. You can also create a list of tasks which you need to complete in a specific timeframe.

3.    If you have a sweet tooth like me, bring some cake, chocolate or snacks to nibble whilst working. You can even share it with your mates if it makes you happier.

4.    Save a fun task which you just love doing for Mondays.

5.    Prepare some things for Monday evening, so that you can look forward to it during your day at work. In my case, I’ll be looking forward to CyberBingo’s Arcade & Casino Tournament which starts off every Monday. Aah, more fun during the week and amazing, great prizes!

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Gary Beal

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