We’re bringing you all the fun of the fair as we invite you to jump onboard our exciting Roller Coaster Bingo games here at CyberBingo.

These great new games will keep you on the edge of your seats as the prize climbs all the way up to an incredible $500 before dropping all the way down to $50. Like all the best rollercoasters, the prize then climbs again back up to $500.  roller

Each game will start off with a prize pot of $50 and increase with every ball called, once it hits the top with a prize of $500… it drops away again all the way down to $50 before starting to climb back up.

These games are a rollercoaster ride of excitement, hold on tight and make sure that you grab the fantastic cash prize before it drops back down.



CyberBingo’s Rollercoaster Bingo games will play in the Valentine Bingo Room on Wednesday February 19th. The fun starts at 6pm ET as we bring you 2 hours filled with these incredible Rollercoaster Bingo games.


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