Halloween Fast Approaching!

Halloween is round the corner, so as expected, CyberBingo has prepared an exclusive promotion that you cannot miss.

We are proud to present our Haunted Halloween Promotion! You can enjoy 3 exclusive Bingo Games played on 3 different days with a jackpot of a £1,000 each. So, that’s £3,000 creepy jackpots up for the grabs.

However, these games will reward players in a Back To Front Method! Have a look at the way our players will be rewarded:

  1. 2TG Winners: £500
  2. 1TG Winners: £250
  3. 1L: £150
  4. 2L: £75
  5. FH: £25

I can bet you’re up for these Halloween Games! Games will be played on 28.10.12, 31.10.12 and 3.11.12 at 20.00 in our Haunted Halloween Room! Go ahead and pre-order your tickets now :D!

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Gary Beal

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