10k free bingo rolls into October

Incredible — the Cyber Bingo Blogger has just had amazing news!  No, I haven’t managed to get my husband to play online bingo, but there is always hope.  I can exclusively confirm that Cyber Bingo are giving away £10,000 of free bingo throughout the month of October.  This is the £10,000 Free Bingo roll, where Cyber Bingo put up 10k in free bingo games for all players, both new and old, to enjoy.

See the lobby for the full schedule, but trust me, the games come along fast and furious, and cannot afford to be missed.

However, the CyberBingo.co.uk Blogger is pleased to report that the fun does not stop there.  That’s because every hour at Cyber Bingo, two value games are played, with the first game having a total of £1000 up for grabs and a minimum prize of £25, and the second game £2500 with a minimum of £50.

So the winter might be on its way, but Cyber Bingo are doing a fantastic job of making everything okay again. October is going to be great – who cares that we have to crank up the heating?

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