10k bingo dispute makes friends into enemies

The Cyber Bingo Blogger is sorry to hear the tale of two former friends who are now locked in a legal battle over a massive £10,000 bingo win.

Muriel Harrison, aged 83 of Nottingham, took her former friend Sandra Fowler-McAllister to court, after Muriel claimed that Sandra would give her half if she won.

It seemed that the casual agreement wouldn’t stand up in court and the two are now sworn enemies and refuse to sit next to each other when they go to the bingo.

The Cyber Bingo Blogger advises you to be careful when ever making flippant remarks like this — and while it’s nice to think that people would be willing to share huge wins with you, when it comes to putting their money where the mouth is, it’s unlikely that this is going to happen.

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Fingers crossed for you!

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