Listen to this fantastic opportunity roomies! I’ll bet I will see you tonight, next Monday, the following Thursday and so on.. 🙂

Why Mondays and Thursdays and why 1-2-3, you may ask. Relax, sit down and give me a minute to explain all this :). Basically every Monday and Thursday we are going to play a unique game in our special 123 Room that kicks off at 9pm.

1 ( 1 game) 2 ( 2 times per week) and believe it or not 3 ( 3p is the ticket cost).. In our special game we are going to play for a £250 Guaranteed Jackpot. Don’t miss these opportunities guys cause BIG Winning Days seems to be ahead of us thanks to Cyberbingo!

Isn’t it easy as 1-2-3 ? See you tonight at around 9 buddies 🙂

as easy as 1-2-3

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Gary Beal

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